44th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology

ISSE 2021


The 44th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology is the premier European forum for the exchange of scientific information between young and senior scientists from academic communities and electronic industries.   

Conference objective is an exchange of experience in the utilization of advanced electronics, electronics manufacturing, micro and nanoelectronics, research, development, manufacturing, testing and teaching, international cooperation and student exchanges, supporting collaboration among junior and senior scientists from Europe and other continents.

The theme of the upcoming 44th ISSE conference is “Advancements in Microelectronics Packaging for Harsh Environment”.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic this ISSE Conference will be held once more as a virtual web conference and will hosted in Dresden, Germany by the Institute of Electronic Packaging Technology (IAVT) and the Centre for Microtechnical Manufacturing (ZmP), TU Dresden.

The organizers are happy to announce that participation in ISSE 2021 will be free for authors and registered participants.

This web-based conference replaces our standard of a five-day conference, usually including a national cultural programme. In-person meetings, presentations, discussion are replaced by online presentations distributed over two and a half days. We believe that this new form of conference will not reduce its traditions and high standard. Though we do not expect online meetups to displace all physical conferences, nor to replace networking of meeting in person. However, in the time of this pandemic crisis on-line meetings have great potential to reduce air travel, costs of conference attendance and impact on families, and to democratize access to knowledge on a global scale.

You are invited to participate in this great occasion for sharing ideas and friendship. Please accept this invitation and send us until 25th January 2021 your abstract. Abstracts will be fourfold reviewed for technical merit, content, and clearness by an international Technical Program Committee.

(Details on how to write and submit your abstract can be found here.)

The classical ISSE conference presentations are oral (appr. 20%) and poster presentations. This form couldn’t be fully realized. The regular contribution is a poster presentation. Please define in the registration form if you propose an oral presentation. Papers which from their subject address a broader auditory will be then selected for the oral sessions with a presentation time of 25 minutes. Poster presentations will be organized in parallel sessions with a shorter presentation time.

For almost two decades ISSE is technically co-sponsored by IEEE and EPS. The participating scientists can profit from getting their papers published by the renowned IEEE Xplore library.

The organization of the ISSE conference is a great honour and opportunity for the Institute of Electronic Packaging Technology (IAVT) and the Centre for Microtechnical Manufacturing (ZmP) to present high-level scientific research.


Heinz Wohlrabe
General Chair of ISSE